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The La Plata Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and emergency medical services to residents, businesses and visitors of the Charles County Area. We provide mutual aid to our neighboring departments and counties. We respond to all emergency situations including all aspects and measures related to the prevention, detection, control and extinguishment of fires, hazardous material and emergency medical responses. We are located 30 miles south of Washington, D.C.

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La Plata Fire Department
911 Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 728
La Plata, Maryland 20646-0728

Phone: (301) 934-9201 / (301) 870-3868
Fax: (301) 934-4217
Hall Rental: (301) 609-7500
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911 Washington Avenue, La Plata, MD 20646
La Plata Photo Of The Day

La Plata VFD to Accept School Supplies for Colonial Beach School District
Colonial Beach Schools Donation List
   Colonial Beach Schools Donation List
Due to the losses suffered by the Colonial Beach School District, the La Plata Volunteers have offered our station as a community drop off for much needed school supplies. Please see the attached list of items needed. Items can be delivered to the station and then will be transported to Colonial Beach. All donations are appreciated as we help our neighbors in need. Checks can be made payable to Colonial Beach Schools (please indicate "school supplies" in the memo line) and sent to Colonial Beach High School, 100 First Street, Colonial Beach, VA 22443. Please see the following letter from Colonial Beach School Board member Michelle Payne concerning the impact of the fire. Good Morning, As you are aware, yesterday Colonial Beach lost part of the Elementary School to a fire. The building that was lost in the fire was currently not being used for classrooms, but used to house supplies for the students of the school. All supplies were lost in the fire and the students (K-5th grade) are now without supplies. They are in desperate need of ANY school supplies, office supplies, and PE Equipment. If anyone would like to or could help with any donations it would be greatly appreciated. Currently 280 students are displaced from their school because it is unsafe for them to be there along with not having any material when they are able to return to that location or be moved to another temporary location. All donations can be dropped off at the Colonial Beach High School site (100 1st Street) or checks can be made to the Colonial Beach Public School. Please pass this information on to anybody that might be interested in helping out. Thanks Michelle Payne Colonial Beach School Board Member Colonial Beach High School Booster Treasurer

Colonial Beach School Response
The La Plata Volunteers were dispatched mutual aid to Colonial Beach, VA on Sunday, January 5th, at 04:45 for a working building fire. Truck 1, Chief 1, and Chief 1B responded on the call. Upon arrival, Truck 1 established ladder pipe operations and performed various truck company operations. Chief 1 and Chief 1B assisted with command and established water supply operations. Due to lack of radio communications between the jurisdictions, Chief 1 relayed operations/command information to Charles County units and back to the VA units. Units cleared the scene around 16:27. **Special thanks to Hooker GraphX (Bobby Hooker) and Missy Chaplin Feltner for the photos!**

Cobb Island VFD Fire Boat 6
   Cobb Island VFD Fire Boat 6
Truck 1 Crew
   Truck 1 Crew
Let's Not Meet by Accident!
A friendly reminder from the La Plata Volunteers, please don't text and drive. If you text and drive, you’re 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident.  A crash typically happens within an average of three seconds after a driver is distracted.

Facts About Texting & Driving

  • The United States Department of Transportation notes that cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year that cause a half million injuries and take 6,000 lives.
  • According to FocusDriven®, up to 80 percent of all crashes involve some form of driver distraction.
  • During any point of the day, 11 percent of drivers are talking on their cell phones, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • A study from the University of Utah indicated that the reaction time of a teen driver using a cell phone is the same as that of a 70-year-old driver who is not using a cell phone.
  • According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an auto crash than driving when intoxicated.
  • The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute installed cameras on dashboards inside truck cabs. From the video footage, on average it took five seconds with their eyes off the road when driver's experienced distractions. The distance covered in five seconds of driving at 55 mph is equivalent to the length of a football field.
Sources: AAA, United States Department of Transportation, University of Utah, FocusDriven® Nationwide Insurance study, National Highway Trac Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

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